NTControl LT
NTControl LT

Comfortable offline programming


  • Editing of test programs for all current KT wiring testers
  • Generation of totally new test programs, changes or expansion of test programs learned with the wiring tester
  • Comfortable test program editors for : 
    • net list / link list
    • insulation point list (prim list)
    • component list
  • Subdivision of the test procedure into single teststeps (segments)
  • Test point naming in several variants
  • Operation language selectable

Generating, editing, managing, transferring… of test programs


NT Control LT offers to you simplification and rationalization of the test program generation and administration for adaptronic test systems.


Ensuring of your product quality by high system availability

The high reliability of the adaptronic test and adapter systems, our quick response service and more than 30 years of experience make a convincing contribution to the quality assurance of your products.

Comfortable editing of :

  • Continuity tests (nets and/or From-/To-connections)
  • Short circuit and insulation tests (also with group test, depending on the hardware)
  • Component tests (resistors, diodes, Zener diodes, capacitors, LEDs, switches, high ohmic devices,
  • varistors, active/passive bus terminators, over-voltage conductors, supressor diodes, impedances,
  • magnetic field single wire test…)
  • Test point naming
  • Documentation text according QM directives
  • Connector types
  • Test unit configurations


Comfortable management by :


  • Subdivision of the test procedure into single test steps (segments)
    • different parameter settings for each segment
    • user defined test order
    • operator messages
  • Test program and test program group names with max. 32 characters
  • Test point naming with max. 32 characters in different formats, direct or connector specific
  • Arbitrary switching between the different test point formats in the editors
  • Test table support
  • Mixing of program parts from any test program
  • Plausibility check of data (check function)
  • Information of number of used test points, number of nets, number of test points per net and number of components
  • Optional import filters for Cap-H, IVIS- and many other CAD-data formats


Easy data transfer :


The data transfer between a PC with NT Control LT and a KT wiring tester takes place via network or USB-stick.



System requirements :


PC with Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Vista Business or Windows 7 Professional (country variants German or English)



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