The test systems of the NT xxx series are predestined for most application-specific test tasks in the wiring, back panel and function test area and are operated and programed with the graphic user interface NT Control.


The control software NT Control is already installed more than thousand times on PC systems under Windows® and is at present the most modern and most flexible user interface for wiring test systems.
Test of wirings and assemblies
  • Comfortable testing and programming environment for extensive and different test applications
  • Significant error list and singe error display at faults in the UUT
  • Integrated multimeter and pin number functions
  • Basic engine for free programming of special test procedures
  • Integrated List & Label editor for the free design of report and label layouts
  • Importers and interpreters for using existing test programs of third-party systems available
  • Converter for the generation of test data from CAD data available

Specialized software variants
NT Control offers you simplification and rationalization at the generation and the management of test programs for adaptronic test systems, covering the following areas :
  • CT - cable test
  • CX - cable test with intelligent adapter cables or interface devices
  • TT - test table applications and
  • DT - direct test for backpanels



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