KT 644 High voltage wiring tester


  • Easy handling in stand-alone operation
  • Automatic learning of golden samples
  • Comprehensive result reporting
  • Operation language selectable


  • Up to 1024 test points
  • High voltage test up to 2150 VDC
  • Dielectric strength test up to 1500 VAC
  • Continuity test, short circuit test and component test



  • Microsoft® network interface
  • USB 2.0 interfaces
  • 2 GB storage for test programs and result data (expandable)
  • Remote maintenance via network

Perfect for automated production lines


  • Precise measurement electronics for the measurement of resistances and capacitances
  • Solid 19“ housing
  • 3 x USB and network for easy data handling
  • Up to 27 digital I/Os for control
  • All standard field bus systems available
  • Voltage measurement*
  • LCR measuring bridge*



Ensuring of your product quality by high system availability


The high reliability of the adaptronic test and adapter systems, our quick response service and more than 30 years of experience make a convincing contribution to the quality assurance of your products.





Réf : KT644

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