Direct Test Overview System Components :

  1. NT Control
  2. Test Modules
  3. Test Box
  4. Test Point Unit 










1. NT Control



The operating software NT Control controls the test sequence, guides the operator through the test steps and documents the test results. It supports the high comfort of a modern Windows® user interface. 

NT Control also offers highest flexibility to generate and handle the test data, supported by integrated connector and converter libraries as well as test data editors.

Comfortable functions support the automatic scanning of different test system configurations, such as number of connected test modules, number of available test points and adapted converters.

  • easy and comfortable generation of test data
  • CAD data import for net and component lists
  • scan functions for automatic scanning of test modules
  • test point naming in different levels
  • connector and converter libraries
  • multimeter functions
  • editors for protocol and label print layouts




2. Test Box NT 910, NT 920



The Test Boxes are equipped with powerful measurement generators and integrated intelligence. All measuring tasks can be processed at highest speed. The interface to the controlling PC-system is realized by Ethernet.

All components are integrated in a portable 19" housing. The Test Box supports interfaces for the connection of Direct Test Modules and Test Point Units.

  • powerful measurement generators for continuity,
  • short and component test, optional termination test
  • test voltage up to 250 VDC
  • DT-Bus interfaces for the connection of maximum 128
  • Direct Test Modules and Test Point Units
  • supporting up to 131.072 test points
  • Ethernet interface for the connection to the PC-system




3. Test Module



The adaption of the UUT is mainly realized by the use of active Direct Test Modules. The direct contact of UUT connectors eliminates complicated and often faulty cable adaptions.

The connection from one Test Module to another and to the Test Box is realized by the use of only one cable (daisy chain principle, serial communication with CAN).

The system set consists of driver modules, test point electronic with extremely high integration and a lot of specific carrier and converter boards (wearing parts). These components are the base of highly flexible designs and customer specific test concepts.

  • modular driver electronic and test point electronic
  • highest flexibility for customer specific designs
  • realization of adaptions with extremely high number of connector pins
  • carrier boards and converter boards with memory chip :

- management of test point naming

- test cycle counter


Highest flexibility by modular construction



The modular driver module and test point electronic allows a mostly free design of client and UUT specific carrier boards.

Designed as plug-on modules driver modules and test point electronic can be multiple used on different carrier boards.

  • DT_DRV : driver module with integrated CAN controller for up to 1024 test points
  • DTS256 : test point electronic with 256 test points
  • DTS64CB : test point electronic with 64 test points





4. Test Point Unit



If connectors with low number of pins have to be adapted, it is useful to do it via the test point interface of a Test Point Unit. In this case the use of Direct Test Modules could be too expensive. The Test Point Unit provides test point interfaces using 64-pin connectors (DIN 41612) for the connection of conventional cable adapters.

Test Point Units are available in two variants. They can be upgrated in steps of 64 test points. The driver technique is compatible to the one of the Direct Test Modules. So they are connected to the Test Box or the Direct Test Modules by daisy chain.

  • conventional test point interface using 64-pin female connector DIN 41612
  • two variants available:

- 64 up to max. 512 test points


- 64 up to max. 1024 test points


Réf : NT910/920

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